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Discussion in 'macOS' started by BayAreaMacFan, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. BayAreaMacFan macrumors member

    Feb 8, 2007
    For Dashboard 2.0, I'd hope that Apple will be improving how you select your widgets. As more and more widgets become available and we are able to use WebClip, we will probably have 2x the amount of widgets the average Mac user has now. Do you guys think that it would be a good idea for Apple to change the interface of how you select a widget (about 10 showup and then you press an arrow to see the next ten) to something like CoverFlow where instead of the album covers you have the symbols of the widgets. Maybe they could include a search feature along the bottom.
  2. 0007776 Suspended


    Jul 11, 2006
    I don't really see a problem with it how it is now, but it may be useful to change it as people get more widgets.
  3. Fearless Leader macrumors 68020

    Mar 21, 2006
    widgets bah memory sucking little devils thats what they are. I run a calc widget for when i cant do math in my head.

    If they made them nice to your system resources I might usethem.
  4. Allotriophagy macrumors 6502a

    Sep 5, 2006
    New features in Dashboard 2.0

    * Ability to quit Dashboard
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    Dec 7, 2005
    compost heap
    I think the OP has an excellent suggestion. I'd like better widget displays - the current "arrow to show more" method is lame... so far I have to click 4 times to go through all my widgets.

    To each his/her own. I personally love dashboard and widgets. I use them dozens of times a day, every single day. I know many hate dashboard, but to me it's just so darn useful. I don't want to fire up an app for many of my tasks... I need to calculate something quick - just hit F12 or my mouse button, and there I've got my calculator (though Apple's calculator widget is lame as it doesn't have a "virtual tape", I use Pemdas). And so on for many widgets: note taking widget, task reminder, unit converter, iStat nano, iCrono, weather etc. Can't live without it.

    Of course, I'd like the whole experience improved. I'd like an elegant way to allow a widget to float in the foreground/background, while I work away in non-dashboard mode... as is, right now when I use a widget I can't simultaneously work on another app. And so on. There is a ton of room for improvements, but the concept itself is great and a very welcome booster of productivity (at least to me).
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    Nov 4, 2006
    On the track
    I saw in a post that you want 10.5 to be able to turn off dashboard.

    1. Dashboard all the widgets don't load on dashboard on start up until you open it. I'm sure you knew this.

    2. There is a widget that stops dashboard. I use it when I need all the juice out of MB that I can get. I think you can get it here:


    Have you ever tried it? Works great for me!

    The Stig

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