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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by johntommybob, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. johntommybob macrumors member

    Sep 5, 2006
    I have a 2011 13" macbook pro. I do not have apple care. I don't use this laptop very often. But I notice the dashboard dictionary does not work. I don't believe it ever has. It's not a big thing but it bugs me it does not work. I took it to the computer store at the university where I bought it, and the tech there hooked it up, and it worked. He though it had to be on line to work. I don't think so as the one on my old G4 desk top works on line or off. Anyway, I came back home got on line and, again, it didn't work. It's there on the desktop, and you can type in a word, but the drop down banner with the definition does not drop down. What is going on?

    The Dictionary app in the Finder menu works fine.
  2. Adamantoise macrumors 6502a

    Aug 1, 2011
    This is a non-issue. How good must life be that this is bothering you?

    The dictionary app itself is way more fleshed than the stupid web based widget.

    Sorry I don't have a solution, but I really think you shouldn't worry about it. The in built dictionary app works with spotlight too.
  3. iforbes macrumors 6502

    Dec 21, 2011
    How sad is your life that you have to go out of your way to put someone down?

    I just turned my wifi off and the dictionary widget still worked for me. Did the tech do anything different? Seems odd that it would work for him and not for you? Can you bring it back and watch him? You can also have him turn off wifi to verify the need to be online to work.

    Is the drop down on Dictionary and not, say, Apple?
  4. Adamantoise macrumors 6502a

    Aug 1, 2011
    Uh ... How am I putting him down exactly? I just told him it's not something worth worrying about. Stop being overly sensitive. He has a perfectly functioning dictionary on his laptop, so I don't think the web based widget is something worth worrying about.
  5. johntommybob thread starter macrumors member

    Sep 5, 2006
    If you put in a word and click on the spy glass, by the word, there is a banner that drops down from the dashboard dictionary icon, if I understand your question right.

    Actually I called and talked to him to ask what he did, and he could think of nothing. I don't think he is a whiz on Macs as he told me he mostly worked on PCS. He suggested I go to the Apple store and ask the guys at the genius bar. Thought I would give you guys a shot at it. Thanks anyway.

    To: IFORBES: I write a lot, stories, essays, poems, and I am not the worlds best speller, so its something that is helpful to me. It's there and it's quick, plus, I paid for it and it ought to work. It works on my G4 desktop, and it's ten years old.
  6. iforbes macrumors 6502

    Dec 21, 2011
    What if you put in the word then hit enter? I don't think clicking on the spyglass actually does anything.
  7. johntommybob thread starter macrumors member

    Sep 5, 2006
    It does on my old G4 with Tiger, so that is the way I thought it would work on the Macbook Pro; but you are right, it does not work that way on the laptop; but then, why is it there?

    On the plus side, hitting Return does make it work!! :D Twenty plus years of fooling with Apple computers and I never even thought of trying that. :(

    But actually you were right, life is pretty good right now. :)

    Thanks a bunch, iforbes,

  8. iforbes macrumors 6502

    Dec 21, 2011
    Doesn't it drive you nuts when the solution is so easy that you look right past it? I do it all the time.... :eek:


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