Dashboard, Dock and calendar sync doesn't work right

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    Right, although I'm pretty happy with contact and email syncing with my iPhone, syncing the rest between my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro is just annoying.

    I don't always keep the same widgets in the dashboard, and sometimes I make quite a few changes on my MP before opening it on my MBP. When I do, things just get annoying, especially when I update widgets. For example, I regularly ended up with either two copies of iStat Pro, or none at all after a sync. After ages sorting out incorrect syncs, I gave up and turned Dashboard syncing off.

    For some reason, system preferences was removed from my Dock when I turned my MBP on just now, so I added it back in, I like it near the middle, but it WILL NOT stay there. I move it to the middle, and a few seconds later it flies back to the end. Why? I've back-to-my-mac'd to my MP and replaced it in the Dock there, it's sitting quite happily in the middle. But my MBP, apparently, has a mind of it's own and doesn't want it in the middle.

    I [try to] keep track of when I have to start a new month of contact lenses in iCal, but that doesn't work right either. I make it an all day event, since there's no particular time, and every month or so move the day, and select 'Change all future events'. I regularly end up with duplicates on the same day, and duplicates on nearby days. I've deleted them all and started fresh, but the same thing keeps happening.

    iDisk syncing... well I tried to turn it on on my MP... 'Last sync failed'. Repeatedly. Works fine on my MBP so it's not a server issue.

    Other things that aren't so great about MobileMe in general...

    I have the latest updates of Safari on my MP and MBP, but the image gallery page (when logged in to make changes, not viewing publicly) just doesn't work for me. I can see the first screenful, but when I scroll down it's just blank, always. Then the links on the whole page stop working, and I have to refresh to get anything to work.

    Mail syncing is annoying with the iPhone. I have rules in Mail to sort my emails nicely, but when I get an email on my iPhone and start reading it, if Mail moves it and the change syncs back right then, it suddenly seems to disappear on my iPhone and I have to go and find it in the folders to finish reading it! Or, if it's marked as read on my iPhone before Mail gets it, the rules don't get applied to it and it stays in the inbox unless I move it myself. So emails from my clients end up muddled between their folder, or the inbox. I'd use smart folders to overcome that, but they don't exist on [the] iPhone. Why not?
    Why aren't the rules applied on MobileMe so everything is always in sync?

    Anyone else find these issues annoying or am I just unlucky and finding all the small bugs no one else gets?
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