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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by macindev, Dec 2, 2009.

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    My iPhone is only 8GB, and I have 20GB of videos, so I setup a web server to only be viewed by me at home and put the videos in it. Now I am making a list view of the shows, seasons, and episodes in dashcode on a Mobile Safari designed to be viewed on my iPhone. The problem is that after I put all of the items into the list, I can only set an "onClick" JS function to the top one and all of the rest are grayed out. When I'm on my iPhone, all none are grayed out, but they all point to the link of the top one. Please help me find the issue (it must be a checkbox on the inspect panel). Heres the link to my website (I clipped out most of the video):http://apl.gotdns.com:81/.
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    Sep 26, 2006
    I'd recommend you check this app out:

    Air Video Server

    I was in the midst of doing exactly what you were doing when I came across a thread on that app. It'll do exactly what you want and convert video's that the iPhone doesn't support on the fly.

    EDIT: I'll answer your question as well

    function open_show(event)
        var list = document.getElementById("showlist").object;
        var selectedObjects = list.selectedObjects();        <--- returns the single item list of the object you tapped on
        if (selectedObjects && (1 == selectedObjects.length)){
            if (selectedObjects[0].match('Scr'))         <--- text match to the 'Title' of the item in the list
                dotransistion('shows', 'scrubs');
                settitle("Scrubs", "All seasons");
            else if (selectedObjects[0].match('Simps'))
                dotransistion('shows', 'simpsons');
                settitle("The Simpsons", "All seasons");

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