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Apr 12, 2001

Password management company Dashlane today announced an update to its iOS and Android business apps, Dashlane Business, centered around a way for its users to easily navigate between personal and work passwords on their mobile devices. Called "Spaces," the new tool lets company employees keep track of important enterprise information within Dashlane, while simultaneously allowing for the storage of equally important personal passwords and data.

A desktop version of Spaces hit Dashlane earlier in the summer, along with Dashlane Business itself, introducing similar capabilities for companies to encourage increased privacy among its employee base. The new addition works as a button on the top left corner of the app that users can tap to bring up their Spaces, and either showcase every password stored in Dashlane, or only those in a particular Space.


Thanks to the new update's multitasking ability, more than ever the company said that Dashlane offers "a best-in-class onboarding process, employee experience, and functionality."
"Password management blurs the line between home and work. If an employee practices safe password habits at home, that same mindset will carry over into his or her workplace," said Emmanuel Schalit, CEO of Dashlane. "The majority of notable breaches stem from password hacks, so it's critical that companies educate their employees on how to manage their passwords and provide them with tools such as Dashlane that make secure password management simple and effective."
While the new update is mainly for its enterprise-focused app, Dashlane did confirm that anyone who works for a company that uses Dashlane Business will in turn be able to get all of the advantages of Spaces in the regular consumer app. Those interested in the basic features of Dashlane can check it out for free on the App Store [Direct Link], and the company said that users can expect to see the Spaces update rolling out today.

Article Link: Dashlane Business Updates With Simpler Personal and Work Password Management


Jul 12, 2016
Dashlane has greatly improved their user experience. What an interesting and useful article this is.
Is Dashlane any good? I'm sick of 1Password as it doesn't seem to work half the time.

It seems adequate and has improved. Dash lane still does not have a strong reputation to proceed them yet. At least they are making improvements.

Fall Under Cerulean Kites

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May 12, 2016
Is Dashlane any good? I'm sick of 1Password as it doesn't seem to work half the time.

I cannot answer your question regarding Dashlane, however, my experience with 1Password has been phenomonal. It works quite well for me. The one time I had isses, I submitted a ticket, and the issue was resoved. (In that particular instance, a delete and re-creation of an entry was required). That said, some less technical members of my family have not taked to 1Password quite as easily as I have.


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Oct 7, 2012
Is Dashlane any good? I'm sick of 1Password as it doesn't seem to work half the time.

What issues have you had with 1Password? Since subscribing some months ago I don't recall ever having a problem with it on Mac or on iOS.


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Dec 21, 2011
Dashlane has been great. They keep upgrading and it has been rock solid on all my devices. This includes Mac, iOS and Windows.
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