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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by sahni130, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Jun 25, 2008
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    Hello, everyone!
    I am thinking about removing my optical drive and installing the stock hard drive in it's place. I think I will get a "data doubler" kit from ebay or amazon since I think $50-70 is too much for the branded one from OWC.
    My concerns are 1. Those of you have a generic doubler, has it been reliable and quick for you or do you recommend going for the OWC?
    2. Does having a SSD in the main bay and a HDD in the optical bay lower your battery life? If so, by how much and can you post some benchmarks?
    3. If I want to move my iPhoto and iTunes library onto the HDD, I can keep the apps themselves on the SSD while having the content on the HDD, correct?
    4. Removing the screws to open the bottom case many times obviously strips them over time, correct? Is it possible to go to an Apple Store and simply ask them for some more or is ordering them from iFixit pretty much the only option?
    5. When I install the HDD, should I fill up the SSD first or keep media on the HDD, or simply do the "fusion drive" set-up?
    6. I know I can use the HDD for Time Machine back-ups, but is that recommended when the other drive is installed in the same system?

    I apologize for another thread on this topic, however, I could not find any good information on generic data doublers or any benchmarks on battery life by having two drives in your system. Reliability and battery life are important to me, so please keep that in mind. :)

    Thank you,
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    1) Generics work fine
    2) No, and this is the preferred setup
    3) Yes
    4) Not if you are careful (and how many times are you going to open that sucker up???) Don't order extra screws unless you need them.
    5) See #2
    6) Time machine backup is bes done off the computer. If Time Machine backup is on the same device and you have catastophic damage or you lose the laptop, you are screwed.
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    Ah, thank you.

    So does the HDD not spin the entire time then?
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    Oct 27, 2011
    It only spins when accessed. It's the perfect set up.
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    Jun 25, 2008
    Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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    I am thinking of doing this as well and use my hdd for my music, photos, etc. My question is, I plan to use my ssd for booting so will I also need to format the hdd? I am assuming that I will and just copy my files, etc on it. I will use carbon copy clone to set up my ssd. Thanks in advance for your help. ;)

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    Nov 3, 2008
    A few thoughts on SSD+HDD MacBook Pros.

    1) Cheap "data doublers" have worked just fine for me

    2) I prefer the HDD in the optical bay and SSD in the main bay because spinning drives tends to vibrate the handrest more. I dont feel it at all when its in the optical bay.

    3/5) I am pretty meticulous with file locations so I prefer keeping the drives separate on my primary machine. But on my Mac Mini I do the Fusion Drive SSD+HDD setup and its easier for the family yet still is pretty quick.
    How to make your own Fusion Drive

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