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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Tea-Aholic, Mar 19, 2012.

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    If I have Mobile Data or "Cellular Data" turned off via the Networks settings menu, I am still connected to my carriers 3G network, but only the data is disabled right?

    If the 3G logo disappears, how do I know if I'm connected to the 3G voice network or 2G?

    I think Apple should still show the 3G logo when mobile data is turned off, but maybe with a cross through it or a different colour to indicate that there in no data, but is still connected to the 3G network.
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    And this is a classic case of someone not understanding the question and then acting like they're way smarter than everyone else even though they've provided no answer.

    OP - You're correct, there's currently no way to tell.
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    That's correct. You can still use 3G for voice.

    Unfortunately, there is no easy, direct way to tell.

    You could probably figure it out by going into Field Test Mode, but that can be complicated. The other option is the old unshielded-speaker trick: hold your phone near some cheap, powered-on PC speakers during a call. If they pop and buzz, you're on 2G.

    Unfortunately, neither is really practical.

    That would be useful. Blackberries tend to indicate this by lowercase letters (e.g. "1xrtt" meaning voice but no data, "1XRTT" meaning you have voice and data).

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