Data over 2g networks.

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    Can you guys clarify for me what is probably a very simple question?

    I am in the UK and use Vodafone on an iPhone4. Generally I have plenty of wifi connection options and I use those mainly for email and occasional internet browsing.

    The area I live in has no 3g signal ( I would have to travel 5-6 miles before I hit one), I have Cellular data on my phone turned off as I have been hit with some unexpected charges when I have inadvertently left it on and a connection has been made when I have travelled into a 3g area.

    So now my question: I can get a daily data plan at £1 per day payable only on the days I use it, but with Cellular Data turned back on and bearing in mind the lack of 3g signal would the data down/upload over 2g be so slow as to not make it worthwhile. I appreciate it will not be as fast as 3g but just how slow it would be is the real question.
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    On AT&T, I get about 200kbps down and 20kbps up on EDGE.

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