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Discussion in 'macOS' started by mark-in-seattle, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Having problems fixing disk permissions on an internal data partition (disk0s4) in my 2011 MBP running Snow Leopard v10.6.8. Disk Utility lists this MacOS Extended Journaled partition as "Owners Enabled: No", therefore the "Repair Disk Permissions" button is greyed out. I have read a fair amount online attempting to fix this issue myself with a rusty Unix skillset.

    I believe the obvious causes have been addressed without success; Get-Info --> [ ] "Ignore ownership on this volume" is not checked, the unchange flag on the volume is not set. I've used terminal commands; chown, chgrp, diskutil enableOwnership /Volume/DataDrive, vsdbutil -a /Volume/DataDrive, but so far even after reboots Disk Utility lists my DataDrive partition as "Owners Enabled: No".

    The original problem I was trying to fix were quirky AFP remote access permissions issues to directories on this data partition. The FILE SHARiNG configuration looks reasonable. When I inspected permissions with the GUI Get-Info some of the folders listed an identical username twice and I could not delete either of those users. That is why I suspected folder and file permissions had become bollixed and wanted to use Disk Utility --> Repair Disk Permissions on the DataDrive partition, however it seems with "Owners Enabled: No" this option is not available. I realize that "Repair Disk Permissions" is normally done just on a system partition, but I was hoping double usernames and other corrupted ACL entries might be discoverable and maybe reset.

    At the present time the owner:group listed for the partition and most directories is one of my admin accounts; marke:staff but this is the same username that appears double entered when using the Get-Info GUI.

    One Background Note;
    When I installed a new hybrid internal drive (8 gigs SSD, 750 gigs magnetic) on my 2011 MBP I created 4 partitions; 8 gig "SwapDrive", 300 gig MacHD, 250 gig DataDrive and a spare 190 gig ExFat partition (for Linux). I figured out a way to create my DataDrive partition (disk0s4) with 16k clusters instead of the default 4k size clusters used on the MacHD system and SwapDrive partitions. I did this because the primary use for the MBP was to run FCP and other video editing applications and larger clusters are more useful for managing large file sizes efficiently. As stated above my SwapDrive partition (disk0s2) uses normal 4k clusters and it also has the "Owners Enabled: No" problem too.

    Any ideas leading to "Owners Enabled: Yes" for a non-system partition -or- reasons why this is not necessary or desirable for an internal drive partition under OSX, would be gratefully received.

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    Repair Disk Permissions only applies to applications and OS X files that have been installed and not to user files which is why you can only repair permissions on the system disk.

    As for partitions other than the system partition, if you are the only user on a system, permissions tend not to matter that much on the non-system partitions, although they can be set badly sometimes.

    One easy way to fix permissions on the other partitions is to use finder and do a "Get Info" per file or folder. For folders you can either just changer the folder or apply the new permissions to files within the folder.

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