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    Hi, the last two billing cycles I've gotten texts from AT&T stating I'm at 60% of my allowed data plan and referring me to upgrade my plan. I don't use a lot of data and I'm on the cheapest plan. I've never even hit 50% of my usage. This month I got the text with 17 days left on my cycle. WTF. For the first time, I go to my account and check the data usage.

    My iPhone is sending data while I'm in bed. Every single evening, about 9:30pm, I've got usage like this. The following is a cut and paste from my account.

    05/22 09:46 PM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent 26349KB

    I've purchased only 6 apps: Hold'em (poker); Livestrong (diet/fitness); Risk (game); English-Korean (language); Wallpapers HD; and Sigalert (traffic).

    With news of the class action lawsuit, I can't feel that AT&T has made a decision to screw it's customers. I've never been on the AT&T bashing bandwagon, but frankly I'm angry.

    Any enlightenment or advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    Those data usage numbers you see on your bill are aggregated for the whole day. It doesn't mean you're using data while you're in bed. Your iPhone is sending and receiving data throughout the day for email, etc. If At&t posted every single use on your bill, it would be incredibly long. In fact, that's what happened when the iPhone first came out. People were literally getting phone bills that were hundreds of pages long, so At&t started aggregating the numbers.

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