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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jmdeegan, Oct 18, 2009.

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    So, here's my predicament....

    I have a secondary macbook--my wife and kids use it, web browsing and some kids games, nothing super important--no backups of it. it would basically need OSX, iLife 08 and some minor apps re-installed.

    so yesterday, my wife was going to use it and it was constantly beachballing, extremely and unusually sluggish/unresponsive. didn't want to to a restart or a force quit, so i power cycled it.

    from that point on, it only ever booted to a white screen, with the lovely folder-with-question mark flashing. not good.

    so i booted off of a USB backup (made via CCC) from my other macbook. This allowed me to get in, and briefly the troubled drive was viewable in disk utility. repair was not an option, but verify was. I opted to verify, but it took eons and i cancelled the process, with the idea of resuming it later. However, since that time, it has never been viewable for verify in disk utility.

    the drive in question is a 320gb western digital. this was a passport drive used to upgrade my older MB drive,

    now, instead of showing up and letting me verify, the drive shows up (in disk utility, file salvage and data rescue) simply now as WD Media....but more oddly, it shows up a 2+TB drive (which it is certainly not).

    so far this evening, i've scanned it multiple times with the demo version of data rescue, each time the deep scan runs over 2 hours with zero progress. a quick scan tells me there are no files to recover.
    i ran file salvage, in demo mode using the explore function, it also said zero files found. running the command line tool testdisk is so far yielding similar reports.

    what i am wondering now, is since i am apparently getting similar/identical feedback from 3 or 4 different apps, should i take that as a pretty good indiciation that the drive and all data is gone? is there really any app that might get things done now? i was under the impression that the demos of some (salvage and DR) would be good indicators of if the data was there and thus the software worth buying....

    at this point im more working on it for a learning experience, since like i said, if i simply install things from the beginning, its just a minor pain since nothing critical resided on the machine.

    tho, i will still have to replace that drive. figure, if the data goes bye bye, thats not something that makes me want to keep the drive...
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