Data Roaming, 3g Unlimited, Additional hotspots? Auto renewing unlimited?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by lokerd, Jun 4, 2010.

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    [Note...I did search for an answer the Data Roaming, my main question, but there is VERY little about this topic...and NOTHING on the iPad and Data Roaming.]

    Ok, my head is spinning here. AT&T sucks for changing the game so quickly after iPad 3g launch! SOMEBODY knew this was coming a LONG time ago.

    All right, first question. What the HECK is Data Roaming? I get the general idea, but what is it on the iPad? It's not like I have (or had) a contract with AT&T. It is currently off. I did read a post (and there is a warning on the iPad) about turning it off when abroad to avoid SUBSTANTIAL fees...but I want to avoid ANY fees. Is it safe to turn on now, here in the US?

    How is Data Roaming affected by the new plans?

    How does the 3g unlimited plan no-contract contract work with the additional wifi hotspots?

    And finally, how do we know (from the iPad) that we will autorenew under the current, unlimited plan? I thought I saw somewhere that it will autorenew and charge my bill automatically, but I THOUGHT about turning the autorenew off, but now can't see where I would have done that to turn it back on.

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    I hope some entrepreneurial reporter digs deep in the story to find out if this change was preplanned or a 10 sec. brainchild of some exec. I don't really know anything that happens this quickly in a megacorp so I suspect you are right, but we need the smoking gun.

    1) data roaming is similar to voice roaming- you are basically using data from another provider via your provider. For example, you go to Canada. If you use your ATT SIM you are roaming, probably on Rogers. I don't think this has any effect on the plans because International Roaming rates are not changing, and there is no domestic roaming I don't believe since ATT's 3G isn't compatible with T-Mobs.

    2) Good question on the hotspots. I believe they are still included b/c the idea is to get you off the 3G network.

    3) If you did not cancel then you are on autorenew.

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