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    Sep 11, 2014
    Ok, so was looking at wife's phone today (iPhone 6) and noticed that in 1 week she has used 3.8gb of data....we only have 5gb to share. So here is my question(s)
    If you leave your LTE on at all times and then use wifi at home, does the wifi overthrow the LTE and only use wifi? She claims that she turns wifi on when she's at home and didn't have this problem with her 4s. I have changed her apps from pulling from LTE all the time and pushing notifications.
    Would the LTE being on in the background all the time really use that much data in one week?
    I keep my data/wifi off at night when I'm sleeping and usually while im at work, since I can't use my phone and then I'll turn on LTE at lunch to check all my stuff and then when I get home, I turn on wifi and make sure LTE is off and in one week, I've used 412 mb of data.

    Also, does keeping LTE off prevent you from getting texts? Some seem to go through fine, but I'll notice if I've had LTE off for a while, when I do eventually turn it back on, I'll have texts that pop up that should have been received hours ago and these are just normal texts with no pics/videos.

    Do you guys leave your LTE on at all times when no wifi is available?
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    The phone "should" normally switch to a known wi-fi source automatically. I've never had the need to turn off my cell phone LTE. It's pretty easy to tell if the phones using wi-fi or your cell service, just look at the upper screen.

    If it's not automatically recognizing your wi-fi then there's a problem with the phone. 3.8 GB of data in a week is a lot. She can also manually put it into wi-fi mode if needed.
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    The text thing. You have different types of messages
    SMS uses just your cellular signal, so you can turn cellular data (LTE) off and still get text. They will need to be sent to your phone number though, not Apple ID or email. Those are iMessages.

    iMessages use your data plan and your LTE/3G. When you turn cellular data off at work you can't get these, not unless you are on wifi. Once you turn LTE back on, they should come in.

    I turn my cell data off as well at work due to bad signal and battery drain. I still get text and phone calls though. Along with calendar reminders and other notifications that do not require a data connection.

    Check to see what apps are set to refresh in the background like Facebook, Maps, weather, etc. maybe limit them so that it doesn't use up your data plan and /or battery.

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