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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by DDB620, Sep 12, 2013.

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    Sep 12, 2013
    I've been married for 5 years and for at least 3 of those years my wife hasnt been very honest. She has been texting and calling an old "friend" that I never knew about She's apologized over and over again and swears she never met her friend in person, she's even gone as far as have him call me to ensure nothing was going on between them but I still have my doubts.

    Were on the same wireless account and I've noticed that her data usage has almost doubled and is close to getting over our 1 gig allowance. She works for a company that has wi-fi and she says that her iPhone is always connected to it plus the company computer has access to the internet anyway so any web surfing she wanted to do she'd do on the company computer. She always calls me on her 8:00 break but on 8/23 she never called or sent me a text, our phone records show she was using the internet from 8:00-8:53 and used 187.25 m/b's during that time period which is outrageously high especially when you consider she's accessing the internet through the company's wi-fi. She doesnt have skype but she does have Pandora but she listens to that on her company computer. I did notice in her bookmarks she has Yahoo which makes no sense beings she can access her email either on the company computer or via the email app on her iPhone. Im thinking she's using Yahoo to send text messages and make phone calls which wouldnt show up on our cell phone bill but how would I find out? Thanks

    Edit: I've called our cell phone carrier and they cant tell me what web sites she's using as they dont save that kind of information due to privacy
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    I am only 13, but lets see if I can help you with this -
    As of right now, the Yahoo! search engine is a default bookmark on all iOS devices. Same is with bing and google. As for Yahoo being able to make calls and texts, I don't think that is possible. If you are really desperate to find out what she is doing, you should jailbreak her phone, and install a call recorder as well as a phone spy. I hope that this indeed helps you with everything, and good luck!
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    Dude, thanks for the reply but I left the b*tch

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