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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SolRayz, Oct 26, 2010.

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    ...during first month of getting my iPhone 4. :D

    I upgraded from my dyeing 2g last month and happy to be rid of Edge. So my first month hit a total of 3.6gb from streaming Howard everyday and listening to my fav internet radio stations.

    I'm sure this topic has been regurgitated at nauseam, but it really sucks for all the noob iPhone customers who want to harness the power of the iPhone's streaming capabilities and are taxed extra. :mad:

    If I had been stuck with a 2gb cap:


    I will hate the day when we ALL get capped...i sense it in the midst at ATT hq.:rolleyes:

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    Just to be sociable, I used to use something like 16 megs of data when I had my Blackberry and was working in Edge at Cincinnati Bell with unlimited data use. They laughed because I would always be stuck down so far with my data use and edge. Then I got an iPhone and now I am on AT&T and I don't use anywhere near 2 gigs of data a month. I don't stream radio stations, view pr0n, play massive games or any of that sort of thing. Discretion is the soul of valor.

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