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Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by user1234, Jul 22, 2019.

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    I had something use an unusual amount of data in the background this weekend, and went to check which app screwed me over. Unfortunately the data usage stats weren't reset since November 2018 so that was completely useless.

    When I researched the issue I stumbled upon this Apple help article:
    That looks just like what I needed, but nothing like what I've got. I don't have the billing cycle options. Are these carrier dependent or something? The article doesn't mention anything about that.

    Can I set my billing cycle manually, or do I have to remember to reset the data stats manually at midnight of the 1st of every month?

    Mine looks like this (I reset it yesterday):
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    When I looked into this I had found that this is actually something that it set up by your carrier. If it does not have the option to auto reset on billing cycle resets, you have to do it manually.

    This is something that has been in iOS for a lot of previous versions and yet to this day still won't allow us to simply enter in a date where data cycle resets. Maybe that's why it has to do with the carrier? - I'm not 100% sure though.
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    Pretty sure it's carrier dependent. Have never seen that option on my ATT account (11 years now).

    Even then, might not help as the list is generally sorted on what app has used the most data. So, for example, you use some video or music app to stream, and use it a lot, the actual offending app might be down the list as has not used as much as the streamer.

    What you can do to help debug is to go to the Battery settings and look at the graphs re: what's using power overnight. Will at least see what apps woke up and did something.
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    Another easy fix that Apple just won’t do. Just add an option to manually set billing cycle and everything else is done on device easily. Weird oversight.

    I could look at the battery graphs, they have however nothing to do with data. Something could use a lot of battery and no data, and something else could just moderate amounts of battery and a lot of data.

    This happened during the day. I had used my phone 5 minutes earlier to check a website, and then notice that my phone was really hot in my pocket. Took it out and had gotten a text message from my carrier that I had used 80% of my data. Nothing in the battery graph gives any clue to what was running for those few minutes.

    Sure the offending app could be down in the list of data usage, but it’s easy to know if an app use a lot more data than expected anyways.

    I have now set a reminder for the first of every month at midnight to reset the data counters. Thanks Apple.

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