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    This app was developed for players of popular MMORPG SWTOR ®. It's a global database for the game, in which you will find a lot of helpful informations, articles, stats etc. Database completely works OFFLINE.


    ✓ Skills of all professions
    ✓ Description for each skill
    ✓ Stats of each skill, like damage, duration, recharge time etc.

    ✓ Items database
    ✓ Description of each item
    ✓ Stats of each item, like bonuses, modifications, damage, type, armor etc.
    ✓ Abilities to search & sort items by: name, rarity, item level, required level, weapon strength, armor defence

    ✓ Recipes Database
    ✓ Reagents for each recipe
    ✓ Stats of each recipe

    ✓ Global database
    ✓ Guides library (50 + guides)
    ✓ Game FAQ

    ✓ Online news about the game.

    ✓ Works with iPhone and iPad
    ✓ Retina display support for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5
    ✓ Optimized for iPhone 5
    ✓ Retina display support for The New iPad

    ★ SKILLS ★
    We put all skills of the game in our app, for each profession, for each weapon. With fully skill description and image. So you can learn how this skill works, and view all its stats like: damage, area of effect, recharge time, range, duration, etc.

    ★ ITEMS ★
    All items of the game, with detailed info, images, sorted as you wish, with search ability. You will find bonuses, rarity, item level, required level, weapon strength, armor defence, description.

    This section of app includes different guides and articles about the game process. Like:guide to earn XP, PvP system, classes and much much much more.

    In the next updates: quests, maps.

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    Aug 2, 2011
    Database for SWTOR Version 2.0.3 Released

    What's New:

    • Skill Calculator
    • Save/Load Skill Builds
    • New Guides
    • Fixed Some Bugs

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