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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by PhillyMatt, Nov 23, 2015.

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    Nov 23, 2015
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    I'm looking for software that runs on a mac that would address the following situation. I'm thinking there must be something simple that does this.

    I am in an improvizational comedy troupe. We have about 15 members. In any given performance, approximately 6-10 members. We have about 40 different sketches that we do, but any given performance contains 20 or so sketches. Each sketch has a description that is one brief paragraph

    In each performance, each sketch has a moderator and 2+ actors involved. I'd like to print, on Avery Style labels, a description of any given sketch that could be manipulated for each performance and then printed and affixed to index cards. These will be read by the moderator.

    So we'd have records for members (which could be "Actors" or "Moderators") Such as "Bill," "Erin," and "Jude," And sketches, like "Sketch 1," "Sketch 2," and "Sketch 3." We would then be able to manipulate them such that, on a given show, Sketch 1 could be moderated by Bill, and feature Erin and Jude. Sketch 3 is moderated by Erin, and has Jude and Bill as actors. I would like to be able to keep records of each performance, so we could look back and see. I suppose I could just use Word's Mail merge, but I'd rather something a bit more designed for this. Any suggestions?
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    Yes, give up improv.

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    Maybe this could solve your stage problem. try TapForms....very flexible database with nice interface ....

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