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Jun 25, 2011
Hi guys,

I would like to have the attached date picker screenshot as a nice file with high resolution, blue font and no background (cropped) so I can use it for my print save the date card for my upcoming wedding.

Unfortunately I don't have any programming skills and can only make a screenshot which end in a bad quality and can't really use it. Can you guys please help me?


Thank you so much!


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Aug 13, 2015
N. Central Arkansas
You're not going to get high resolution from a screenshot. Any word processing program should be able to type your date for you in color.

How are you getting your card set up to print? If somebody's doing it for you, tell them what you want. If you want those faded out dates also, you'll need somebody with something like Illustrator to get that fade out effect.

bent christian

Nov 5, 2015
Yes, a screen shot is going to be low resolution for print. If you don't have access to tools necessary to recreate the feathering and the warp angle, try increasing the font size to the maximum allowed by your monitor (command +), then snap the screen shot. The idea is the make the vector type much larger than the actual print size, thus gaining resolution when the image is scaled down.
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