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    Feb 19, 2011
    I sent this message to apple feedback with an idea called 'Data Space' as i call it, please read through it and tell me what you think... i know the grammer is off a little(a lot) but, i was rushing some... Anyway, tell me what you think. And if you think its a good idea, you guys should send a simular idea w/ your ideas, or my idea to this:http://www.apple.com/feedback/ But please, before apple publishes this content(if they do) putting it under apples name, this content is my property. So please include that this is Peyton Smith IV's idea and he also sent in idea before.

    I couldn't find a feedback for the actual OS but this is what this is for, because i currently own the plastic MacBook newest type. Anyway, i think that for macOS lion, or whenever you guys feel so, you should add the following support that will be discussed in this letter.

    I think that when you plug in a flash drive, there needs to be more then just a drive, but an alternate layout. i call it 'Data Space' for lack of a title name. But, basically what this is, is a new 'desktop' screen, where it will load up everything relevant to this drive. For example, one for work, one for home, one for school. Then each drive would have contents that directly effects the respective category. To make myself clear, as i feel this may be confusing, think of it as, a new wallpaper, new icons in the dock, and everything relating to that train of thought. This way, maybe your school profile, will have MSWord in the dock. a background that puts you in the 'school' mood(if possible) and all the MS school software, so you dont have to deal with the occasional compatibility issues. Then when you put in your Home drive, it will load up Pages, Keynotes, numbers, and what ever you want in the dock. Also, in the Flash drive(or harddrive) it will save any settings you change, for example, you move one icon, it will stay move when ever you plug your drive back in next time. Plus, just think of the possibilities of this with multiple monitors. Each monitor could have a new profile loaded(if you set it up like so) then you could have everything organized. I bring this concept to you guys, because i often feel that when i am working on my school stuff, i dont want my games popping up telling me that my friend is challenging me. Because trust me, i would much rather play a game than work on a final. Anyway, i hope you send this to developers and take this idea into serious consideration, because i believe this would open up a brand new world of interconnectivity, and communication like no other. Plus, it would keep me from getting distracted!

    Note: The drives should not be designated to a certain computer, so i could bring a drive to my friends house, and plug it in, and load up my (for example) English Final to his computer so he can review it for me. Then he could simple drag that file on to the 'Data Space' desktop in any order he wants.

    Possible extra feature for MobileMe Subs: i would like to say that the 'Data Space' feature could/would be used in MobileMe as well, Honestly, that WOULD BE A MAJOR SELLING POINT if you could have a 'Cloud Desktop' and could do this over the internet and share files this way. (Plus, i could see the ad's "the only OS where you can have your desktop over the air, MAC-OS")

    Finally: I think that it would be a GREAT idea if you were to enable this Multi-Desktop universe to windowsOS also, but dont get me wrong, i am not saying that the ^above ad's stament would be not true anymore. I am say that you should be able to load up your *MAC* desktop(what ever design you had, work, home, school) to windows also, because i know that in Education, it is almost 100% Windows(not personal, i am talking like at the actual school). So that i could have my desktop for school loaded up at my school for my school. Plus, this way, i wouldn't have to deal with the annoying OUTDATED MSword that most places have. So really, this would not be a total update for the MacOS, but also it would send data to the flash drive also. This concept has great potential.

    Thanks for your time. Again, PLEASE at least consider this concept, because i know that for me at least, this would REALLY help keep my life organized. Because when i am at home, i dont need all my school software up, but i dont want/have enough $ to buy a new computer.

    So what do you guys think?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    Actually think this would be really useful for me.

    I don't like the tie in with USB to be honest, but some kind of MobileMe/Dock Icon attributed to the change would be really cool.

    Good idea. Perhaps something a 3rd party could develop too...
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    Feb 19, 2011

    Yeah, the 3rd party is the whole point, it would open up the world. The whole USB thing, was because then it could be more open to everyone (People without MobileMe Subs) plus, i know for example, many schools block Places like carbonate and MobileMe. So if you were to use a USB maybe schools would notice that technology change is a good thing. and start loosing up internet blocks a little(Of course this is not the point to this idea though). I know that at my highschool, they block every website under the sun. EVEN BING IS BLOCKED they are complete fools, they dont pay attention to the fact that the world changes. Anyway, why don't you like the USB concept?
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    Look into something called "Spaces". It's on your mac.

    And fix your title.

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