Daughters iPhone 4 Fix or Replace?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sulpfiction, Dec 1, 2011.

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    My daughters iPhone 4 (16 gig) front and back glass are both shattered. Touch screen still works as do all other functions of the phone. The phone was purchased on 12/24/10 so it's not even a year old.

    Originally I was thinking I would just buy replacement glass and fix it myself. I know the front can be a little tedious but I know I could do it. My question is...Where is the best place to purchase the replacment glass? I see a ton of then on eBay but I would like to get OEM panels if possible.

    Or, would I just be better off just scraping the whole "fixing" idea and just go to apple and buy a replacement? And I hear the out of warranty replacements are $149 for a 16g iP4. Is that always the case? And finally, can I just walk into to Apple or do I need an GB appt?

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    Make a Genius appt. and get the 149 replacement.
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    Do it yourself. Before I got the 4S I did a black to white swap on my 4 after the glass got shattered. Really not complicated at all, imo easy. Tons of little screws, but just take your time and it's quick.

    As far as parts, I was looking for a seller I could just message and pick up locally. I found this guy and purchased from him.

    $50 versus $150 is easy decision to me.

    The display shows just the same as OEM and same feel/response which was my concern. Everything held up over time. I was happy. That said, while OEM quality it's not OEM.

    First I'd go to Apple though and inquire on your options. May replace for free.
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    If you feel confident in repairing it yourself then go for it. I suggest going to Apple first tho.
  5. Sandman1969, Dec 1, 2011
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    Most definitely repair it yourself. I repaired my 4 and gave it to my wife when I upgraded to the 4S. Also, repaired to 3GSs, though they are MUCH easier.

    The 4 is definitely doable and just be methodical with your tear down and keep everything separated per step. iFixit has a great walk through for the repair.

    I ordered my parts from etechparts.com. The shipping was crazy fast, they have good customer support and good prices. I was referred there by another macrumor member and my buddy repaired his 4 as well after I did.

    Here are the 4 replacement parts. Well for AT&T models, which I am assuming yours is since you bought it last December.


    You want :
    822-4144 (though you may want 822-4221 since it has the speaker screen and camera "hold") Though the speaker screen swap is real easy. The camera hold is a pain to swap and I actually messed that up. Though, you don't really need the camera hold, I don't think. I don't have it on.)

    Also, make sure you have the proper tools. My 4 was a phillips screw for the case so I didn' tneed the special "pentalobe" screwdriver. You will want the nylon spudger. You can order the whole tool kit there too. Product Code: 822-4322

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