DaVinci and Diablo on 2013 Mac Pro vs others

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by barefeats, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. barefeats, Jan 18, 2014
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    DaVinci Resolve and Diablo III: 2013 Mac Pro versus Old Tower with New GPUs


    Will be adding a 2013 Mac Pro Octo-Core with D700s soon.
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    Thanks, great info!

    Deciding between 4 core D300 vs 6 core D500 with additional memory and maxed out SSD.

    Wondering if you've drawn any conclusions on the relative benefit from the upgrade to 6 core/D500, my main use case is photography (Aperture), light video FCPX and gaming, not hardcore, but I do like to game in Bootcamp and OSX.

    I see you published some previous tests with the 6 core/D500 but with different test cases. I realize you didn't test with Bootcamp yet, and look forward to how crossfire with those D300's impacts the results, I'm optimistic at the end of the day I'll probably only need the D300's but hope to see some relevant metrics before pulling the trigger.
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    Jun 12, 2005
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    I believe the 89FPS was under Mt. Lion. The 83FPS was definitely under Mavericks. I ran the test again. It's even slower today (79FPS).

    Things ran faster under Mt. Lion due to the release by NVIDIA of an improved driver direct from their website. Maybe the same will happen with Mavericks.
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    I know you guys are Mac specific site, but if you're installing Windows to run some benchmark for games or etc. Could you run a Specviewperf 11 and 12 test as well? We (people who hang around in the forums), managed to get a benchmark result for the D500, but yet to get any from D300 and D700.

    Oh and the reason why I would prefer to get a Specviewperf 11 and 12 results is because 12 is newer and supposedly better test on AMD FirePros GPU, but then there's not many data available online to compare it with, 11 on the other hand has been around for quite awhile and there's MANY workstation GPU tests conducted with 11. Tomshardware has a huge collection of specviewperf11 results with various workstation GPU and some gaming GPU.


    More info on SPECviewperf® 12

    SPECviewperf® 11 Download Link
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    Sep 16, 2013
    I have been playing this in 4K on my 12 Core, Dual D700...
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    This is only useful to us if you provide test results. Otherwise, you're just ePeening.
  8. wildmac, Jan 20, 2014
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    WoW is a very creaky graphics engine, so we're likely to see some variance there. World lag is probably a factor too (unless you are testing on a private server).

    Still very nice to see the WoW tests! :D
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    Will do.
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    Do you mind me asking if your 8 Octo-Core with D700's is coming Jan, or is it the in the Feb batch. That's what I have ordered and excited to see what it can do in CF. :)
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    The projected delivery date still says "February."

    BTW, posted a page on built-in CrossFire mode:

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