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Jun 15, 2011
Stockholm, Sweden

I'm looking for an app that will let me create schedules or plans for each day in a week. What I'm NOT looking for is a calendar app. I don't need to set dates to my plans.

I need to get a better structure of my days and just having graduated university, I'm unemployed and therefore it would be great if I can make plans like:

4h searching job
2h playing guitar
1h workout
1h house-cleaning/etc.


5h playing guitar
1h workout

Things like that. I don't need a to-do app, I don't need to "check" the things on my list off, I don't need to set dates as said before, I just need a week-schedule where I can set up a structure for the days.

Does anyone know of an app that would let me do this? It's okay if the app has the ability to set dates, or make to-do lists, as long as the app allows me to disable it.
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