Daylite Touch Now Available for iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 7, 2009.

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    For businesses looking for an integrated productivity solution with an iPhone component, Marketcircle's recently-updated Daylite can be paired with Daylite Touch [App Store] for on-the-go access. While the iPhone application itself is free to download, a paid license ($49.99 per device per year) is required in order to allow the application to connect to the Daylite Server portion of the productivity package.

    Daylite Touch received significant attention at Macworld Expo 2009, winning a "Best of Show" award.

    Article Link: Daylite Touch Now Available for iPhone
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    this app works extremely well so far.

    I am a little miffed about the yearly tax here, but truthfully if it makes my daylite experience 300 percent more useful then it's worth it.

    Daylite was already awesome, but this combined with the soon to be billings touch just complete a really awesome project management suite for me.

    Not to say there aren't things I'd like to see coming, but as the first outing, this app is EXTREMELY well put together.

    I've tested it with 3 other users and it works great, probably even better once push is implemented in 3.0.

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    So is it worth the cost of using the services?
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    Mar 15, 2009
    Sounds interesting because I would love a Tasks app but as a paying mobileme subscriber I refuse to pay a second time for something that SHOULD be included with mobileme and could possibly be supported later.

    I waited for notes sync and it's coming. They didn't mention mobileme support for Notes sync but I can't imagine it not being supported but it is Apple so who guess is that a new version of itunes to support notes, along with a new version of the mobileme control panel will be released along side it.

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