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    I had tried this game on my old PC system and it needed better graphics. Once again the MBA surprises me with it's ability to run games I don't think it should :) Loaded Windows 7 Ultimate with BootCamp on the MBA, and I am rocking and rolling both the Mac and PC games! What a system! Normally not into combat type simulators but this one is awesome and since you get one aircraft FREE with the DCS World download it's a blast to play! Kind of complicated to me anyway but the more I play it (or fly it) the more I love it and I am thinking about purchasing some of the modules they offer! It's comes with the SU25T Russian aircraft which is really cool to get startd with, and they offer the A10 Warthog, P51, Black Shark helicopter, as well as others and you can be the on the ground in the tanks and stuff too if you buy that module!

    I am really surprised I like it! Below is the link to the FREE DCS World with the SU25T, which you have to have for all the modules!

    The company's YouTube Video of DCS World and the Modules you can buy!

    Of course your graphics may vary depending on your system!

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