DDR PC3200 RAM price trend?


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Apr 30, 2005
I currently see the price of 2x1GB (DDR PC3200) hovering around $175 in the US. Several months ago CanadaRAM had mentioned that memory manufacturers are ramping up all their capacities to serve the DDR2 RAM market and are reducing on the DDR side.

I have a PowerMac G5 dual and would like to add more memory to it (1GB DDR PC3200 sticks). My requirement is not immediate, so I'd like to know how the current/future trend looks like for DDR PC3200 RAM (1GB sticks, to be specific).

Memory experts, CanadaRAM, please help. :)

Thanks! :)


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Nov 27, 2005
Sorry, I have no answer.
I just wanted to say that I maxed out my ibook and imac for the exact reason you posted- climbing RAM prices. As of now I've yet to use the full 2GB of RAM that's in my imac (though I have used the 1.5 in the ibook) but I figured I might as well max them out now while the prices are where they're at since I'd want to do it a year or so down the road anyway...


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I checked some history, and the price of 1 G PC3200 generic Kingston has gone up 5% since March 21st.
Crucial has put the price of their PC2700 and PC3200 DIMMs up over 20% in that period.

DDR2 is coming down, but Kingston's price has been too unstable to name a figure (both Kingston and Crucial made major and arbitrary jumps in price earlier this year, in response to DDR2-667 MHz shortages).
Complicated by the fact that some lower tier manufacturers have jumped into the market, because there is some substandard memory being offered at the US $70-80 price point by some companies.