DDR3L vs DDR4 Power Consumption

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    Lets look at Samsungs specs for DDR4 (and this is not LPDDR4, just standard DDR4).


    Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 22.18.17.png

    "DDR4 consumes 37 percent less power than DDR3L when running an identical process at the same speed. DDR4 adopts a Pseudo Open Drain (POD) interface to reduce I/O power consumption and increase power savings by 50 percent compared to DDR3L under 4 Gb-based 16 GB 2 DIMMs per channel (DPC) conditions."

    So if I'm reading this right, 16GB DDR3L uses double the power as 16GB DDR4 under load (blue+red part). And when idle 16GB DDR4 uses 28%'ish less power (blue part).

    "Power concerns" my ass.

    Edit: updated numbers.
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    The MBP doesn't use DDR3L, it uses LPDDR3.
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    My bad then :)
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    But at the same time I was unable to find any actual power consumption figures for LDPPR3. Anyone more knowledgable?

    P.S. According to Tomshardware, 16GB DDR4 will consume 5.94Watt to keep refreshed, which is really significant (a mobile CPU will consume less when idle, and SSDs consume a fraction of that). So if LDPPR3 can shave even a little bit off those figures, there should be no surprise that Apple decided to use it instead.

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