De-authorising all computers?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by dextertangocci, Oct 8, 2006.

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    Hi everyone,

    I need to de-authorise all the computers I authorised to play content purchased from the ITS.

    It said on Apple's iTunes support page that there was a button in my account info pane, but it is not there:confused:

    Also, A while back, I purchased the partial season of desperate housewives season 2 (episode 1-13) then I carried on buying them episode by episode. Now, it won't let me buy the last 2 episodes of it:confused: It says you must buy the whole season to get those 2! What's the point? Is this why Apple now allows you to buy a season pass? Also why do they make you buy Prison Break Season 1 episode by episode? What's the logic in that:confused:

    Lastly, is it illegal if I put content from the ITS on friends iPods who manually update them? They obviously can't put it on their computers or share the content, so isn't it the same as a friend listening to your iPod, or borrowing it to listen to it? That's not illegal, is it?

    Thanks for your replies:)
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    With regard to your main question:

    The "deauthorize all computers" button will only appear if you have 5 computers authorized. It will not appear until you've hit your maximum; but they are correct, it appears on your iTunes profile page.

    If you need to do this while having less than 5 computers authorized, I'd suggest contacting iTunes support.
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