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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by patseguin, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Aug 28, 2003
    I got my AppleTV back in March 07. It worked OK, although it could never keep a network connection. Also, if I had not used it for several days or longer it would be frozen and I would have to unplug it and plug it back in (wtb power switch). Well, now the unit is totally unresponsive and I took it to the genius bar today. They plugged it in and confirmed that it was not working. The guy then told me that I was 3 month out of warranty and that they don't replace internal parts in the ATV. I would have to pay $169 to have it exchanged. So, I reluctantly chose that option. After thinking about it and realizing I would probably get a refurb unit, I went back and bought a new 160GB ATV. I also made them give me back my old unit. I am about 90% sure it's the hard drive. My question is, can the hard drive be replaced by a tech-savvy person? I've replaced many hard drives in my time, both desktop and laptop. The issue that comes up is how would I get the ATV software back on it?
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    Well, first it does appear you had issues that are non-existent on many ATVs, including mine. Unfortunately, the damage is done and you have a new unit so onto your other question.

    If you search the forums I think you may find someone not only changed the hard drive but they put in a massive hard drive, 750gb or something like that. I would recommend trying to replace the hard drive as you have nothing to lose. Besides, how difficult can it be? Here is a guide.

    And as any self-proclaimed dork would please!
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    Thanks for that guide! Looks like a lot more work than I feel like doing. I had originally thought I could swap the drive and then just give it to my brother. I wonder if I could sell the unit to someone who is willing to put in the time to install a new hard drive...

    Seems a waste to have a big paper weight. :)
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    Yeah, me and Cave Man slapped eSata drives on our atv's, works a treat. The biggest issue you would have is having an image of the original atv software, which can be tough to come by. If in fact it is your hard drive, atv hard drives are notebook hard drives but much easier to access. If you're gonna go throught the hassle, just convert it to an external eSata hard drive and be done with it.

    Its predicated on a thread found here called "My 750 GB AppleTV" , but I am too lazy to find it and link it. :)

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