Dead G5 iSight question (HC Techies)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by beermacht, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. beermacht macrumors newbie

    Feb 27, 2010
    hi everyone,

    it's my first posting in the real mac area - so please forgive me for not only using "apple terms" ;)

    2 weeks ago i was thinking - hey, i need something to play with and bought a few mac's (no, i'm not mental - i worked a few years in the cell phone repair business - i can hold a soldering iron without burning my nose hairs :D )

    so, as for now i fixed 1 imac g5 17" (ok, the display has the vertical lines - but i will try the common solution for that - when i have the time) - changed almost all capacitors, and it's alive again
    today i changed some capacitors on a 20" G5 Imac - also back from the dead

    but now i have a 17" G5 iSight that won't resists - one capatior was dead - changed it - but that's not enogh.
    when i start it, the little wite light turns on, the fan starts (pretty decent) - but thats it, no chime, no beep, no screen activity at all.
    did the smu pram reset (ok, the keyboard led is on, so it has power - but the mac did nothing at all, the light and the fan is on - thats it)

    any suggestions ??
    and please - i think it's a logic board problem - but i don't think that it is something big - so, no - i won't go and get a new logic board for the imac :lol:
    (i fixed the other two for the fiendish amount of 10€ (17") and ~7€ (20") - so lets try to beat that with the isight, as for now - the used part was 0,40€)

    and btw - i also have a complete dead macbook 2,0 here - pcb looks good - nothing special - it's only dead (bought two - the other one had only a cracked lcd)

    and if anyone has a suggestion about an nonliving TiBook 400 - hit me

    thanks in advance

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