Dead iMac G5... Have some ideas...


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Jun 22, 2010
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Hi guys,
I have a dead pre-iSight iMac G5 in my basement (the psu is blown) and so I was thinking, maybe I could take it apart and use the nice looking case as the body of something else? I though I could take apart a Mac Mini and mount it inside, and then try to get it to connect to the screen...
Any thoughts on this? Should I try to fit PC parts in there and make a Hackintosh out of it?


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Jun 11, 2011
I think putting in a mac mini would be to daunting. What you could do if you really wanted to spend the money is
-open her up
-gut the interior
-replace everything in there with a single new lcd or led panel
-have the cable run out of one of the port cables

Now you have two options:
1) attach a mac mini and have it sit below
2) use it as a dock for a laptop
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