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    Hey guys,

    So I've had my iPhone for about a year and a half now.. never had a problem with it until recently. The iPhones never been unlocked or jailbroken, but from what I can only assume is general wear and tear its been shutting down randomly and the like. Anyway, the other day the battery ran down to nothing and the iPhone turned off. The only problem is that it doesn't boot anymore. When I try just plugging it into a computer, the apple logo will appear for about 30 seconds then the iPhone will shut off. If I try recovery mode (holding just the home button until the 'connect to iTunes' image appears), the computer will recognize it, but when I try and restore I get error 23, saying it can't restore the iPhone. I can't put it into DFU mode if it isn't plugged in, and if it is plugged in the all black screen never appears. I messed around with an iPod touch and have put the devices in DFU mode a few times, but with this case it just doesn't really work. This happened a few days before this and somehow the iPhone managed to turn on when plugged in, but I don't think I did anything different in particular. Obviously I know the battery is low, but if I try plugging it into a computer or outlet it doesn't stay on long enough to charge If anyone has any suggestions before I take it to the Apple Store they would be much obliged! Thanks!
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