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    So I have had a first gen iPhone since day 1. In the past year or two I have been bad to the battery. I will once it is dead turn it back on again 5 or 6 times to get a little tiny ounce of battery to make a call or a text. I did this many times. Because of this my phone would die many times after 15 minutes of straight internet use so i generally only used it for short bits or when plugged in. About a week before it broke I needed to restart it a couple times as it would not have enough charge to start up before the charging cable would charge it. Well one day about a week ago it would not charge. When plugged into the computer the apple logo would show up and glow for awhile and then it would die. I tried this with many different cords. I also tried it a couple times with the wall adapter. I had come to the conclusion that my battery is finished. I took it to first tech, a local apple store, as they do repairs a normal apple store won't do. I went there as apple may replace it or make me by a new one and put me on a new two year contract. I don't want this to happen as I am going to buy the next iPhone when it comes out. So first tech said it might not be the battery but they will try. Well they were right. They installed a new battery but it still would not charge. What could be wrong. What should I do?
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    I don't want to buy a new phone because I will have to get a new two year contract. I don't want to have this contract extended another 2 years when I buy a new iPhone in 2 or 3 months
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    It's either your dock connector or much worse, your PCB. You should just buy a cheap phone until the next iPhone comes out. I wouldn't waste any more time or money on that antique.
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    Thank you very much!!!
    This was exactly what I was looking for. One other quick question though. Is there any way I could transfer data off my old iPhone? Maybe remove the hard drive and put it into another 1st gen iPhone?

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