dead iPod?????? help me please

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by pattybenso04, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Sep 19, 2011
    My iPod touch 3rd generation is dead, it won’t charge or even be recognized by iTunes, 5 months ago it got slightly wet but like three days later it was already working well, so I kept using it.
    1 month ago, one day after school my ipod completely ran out of battery, I wasn’t gonna use it later so I didn’t charge it or anything, then 4 days later, I connected the uncharged ipod to an ipod speaker, and later realized that I had left the ipod speaker connected to the wall and ON for the whole last week.
    Also when I connect it to the USB plug or any wall charger, it tends to get really hot on the usb port.
    I wonder if it’s a battery problem or if it’s like a totally dead battery? Or if it is that the usb port in my iPod got burned because of the ipod speaker?
    I already tried recovery mode, and I can’t get it replaced because my warranty is already up.
    Oh and I also checked the water indication down the headphone jack and its white. Can Apple do something for me even though the warranty is up?
    Thankss for the help :)
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    iPhone != iPod.

    Apple might be able to do an out of warranty replacement.

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