DEAD Mac (even Leopeard DVD and backup USB HDD not working)

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by tntmarek, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Jul 20, 2009
    Hej all!

    So let start by telling that I'm bit to creative. I decide to listen to music from my MB while being in bathroom. I put it near entrance in corridor standing on side (on ports and side of screen). Bad luck wanted that by accident i kicked my laptop while getting out of bathroom what made him to fell on laptop base. Unfortunately, all screen was in some horizontal bars instead of iTunes. Music was also gone ...

    Ok, s*** happens, have to live with it. Let do something.

    I used my friend black MB to instal on my external USB drive Leopard. I made format , GUID Partition Table, restarted black friend's MB and continue with installation of X OS on my remote HDD. Everything went good, I was able to boot his MB from my HDD (till language choose screen, have not gone further then that).

    Got home, plugged external USB to my white MB and ... nothing. Computer is just booting form old HDD which is not working :(.
    Ok, maybe I have to switch something in "Start up Disks" so let boot from Leopard DVD and will see. What was strange, my MB did not want to boot even from Leopard DVD. Checked also Tiger and same. No result.
    Mac book is starting with bright white screen, I hear "starting sound", appears grey apple with progress clock and after minute or two my MB is switching off ...

    I tried playing with some keys while computer is booting. Key "Apple" + S lunches something like console. Black background and only commands. I can write there somewhere but duno what. What was written there, that I have hardware problem and latter on after command "exit" MB HDD is not working/responding ...

    help ... :confused:

    Can i somehow make my MB to boot from USB drive ? is there any commands or set of keys for it ?
    If I would exchange my 120GB HDD for my external drive 60gb also 2,5", will my mac start ?
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    Jan 19, 2008
    Hello! I'm over here!
    Apple-S brings up single user mode, letting you run commands as root. I'm not sire exactly what to do from here based on your situation, but im pretty sure running a fsck (For which instructions are given i believe) would be a good idea.

    EDIT: holding option gives you the option of where to boot from, holding c boots from any CD in the drive.

    EDIT 2: Maybe swapping out the drives would do...if the external was SATA.

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