Dead pixel horror stories?

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    Ok, so first off i'm on my 5th iphone 4. I know its a lot but they have actually had issues. The first one the screen would flicker for seconds at a time for no reason, the 2nd one had massive yellowing problems. But my question starts with my 3rd phone. This one was very glitchy (it eventually worked itself out) but i noticed it had a dead pixel up in the top corner. I wasn't very bothered with this but when i had to take my MBP in for a fan replacement i just asked the genius if they could do anything about one dead pixel. He said sure, and sure enough they replaced it. So the new replacement had a dead pixel right off the bat and i told this other genius about it (I had it swapped when i picked up my computer so different geniuses) said "Chances are they are all going to have something wrong with them, so see if bothers you and come back if it does." So i decide to just give it a chance since this one was way in the top corner also and the store was literally closing at the time. Later that night however i found 2 additional dead pixels for a total of 3. Now i am not cool with that.

    So this time i go to another store since im closer to it at the time, and i get the most retarded genius ever. I go in and kindly say "My iphone has 3 dead pixels." i have it on a white screen pointing them out and the first thing the "genius" does is turn it to the homescreen which was a predominantly black background at the time and tells me that he can't say anything. To which i kindly say "well dead pixels are black, so you arent going to see them on a dark screen." Then he goes on about dead pixels having a sparkle to them usually being red or green, etc...Which again i kindly say "Im pretty sure those are stuck pixels" (Ok i was 100% sure about this but as much as i wanted to scream dear god are you a moron? i decided not to.) So after 10 minutes waiting on him while he was in the back (I honestly think he was trying to rub the dead pixels away...) he comes out with a new phone, but as he is activating it he mentions "That there is such a thing as within spec, but ill be glad to change this out for you."

    So he swaps it and i am praying to god that this one doesn't have anything wrong with the screen because it seems like they are just going to say "screw off" if something is. Well this one has a dead pixel toward the center of the screen, and a stuck pixel on the other side of the screen also around the center. As small as these are, everytime im reading in iBooks, my eyes always notices them and it just gets annoying.

    So has anyone had an experience where they got phone after phone with dead pixels? Did they warn you off with a "within spec" speech? If so did they continue to swap it out until you actually got one w/o a dead pixel or did they just say "your stuck with it so deal with it."

    I know this is a very long post, but i am so frustrated by the constant dead pixels because i will first hand admit that i am a little OCD about these things and these things take away from the experience and enjoyment of the phone.
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    Jun 26, 2010
    Wow I find it absolutly staggering how many people have been through 4 or 5 iphones and still not got a good one, either this is a load of crap or there are problems and I was either very lucky or you were very unlucky, I do however believe you and most people that come on these forums but still.

    I am just about to do a dead pixel check, what would be the best way about it. Take a photo of something white???
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    Just download a flashlight app, which would be free. The screen would go white and just turn up the brightness and look. Before the last 3 phones, i have never had a dead pixel in anything, not in the laptops, ipods, or even my last iPhones. But as soon as i returned that 3rd phone for a dead pixel they just keep reappearing. I just hope they won't tell me im stuck with it because i know the majority of these phones shouldn't have dead pixels, and im just on an incredible unlucky streak. I just wanted to see what happened to others who have been in a similar situation.

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