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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by waixoxo, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. waixoxo macrumors newbie

    Jan 17, 2015
    I've had 3 iPhone 6's now, waiting for my fourth to be sent through the post.

    The first one I spotted just when browsing the web, at first I thought it was dust and tried to remove it under my screen protector. After I did research I found out it was a dead pixel I booked a genius bar appointment, by then another dead pixel appeared.

    The second iPhone I got I spotted a dead pixel a week after getting it replaced, again I wasn't even looking for it and I spotted it on white backgrounds.

    I received my second replacement yesterday and decided to put on my screen protector before I set it all up. Then suddenly 2 appeared on the 'hello' screen and later on after reporting it I got 3 more. So thats 5 altogether on my second replacement.

    I'm not too sure if its just majority of iPhone 6's that are getting this defect or if I'm just super unlucky. Hopefully my fourth one will be fine, even if 1 creeps up I'm going to leave it, too much hassle now.
  2. studIOS5 macrumors 6502a


    Oct 14, 2011
    Oregon, OH
    What I Would have suggested is using one of those iPhones that had no problems aside from the dead pixel/ dust and having apple replace just the screen component. I did that with my iPhone 6 recenty and am now satisfied with a completely perfect iPhone 6
  3. lordofthereef macrumors G5


    Nov 29, 2011
    Boston, MA
    I spotted one about a week ago on my plus. I still haven't taken it back. Only reason I noticed it was because I started a movie in portrait and the black bars are huge... and there it was... the green little bugger.

    Anyway, I should get around to exchanging ti I guess. I hear I can get AT&T to unlock the phone too, at that point lol.

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