Dead pixels on 24" LED ACD - My experience at the Genius Bar

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by danthespaceman, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Jun 15, 2009
    Yesterday, I was preparing to sell my 24" LED Cinema Display on Craigslist because I just bought a 27" iMac. I powered it up for the first time in a couple of months just to test that it still worked, and noticed a black spot towards the middle of my screen. After a few different tests, I realized I had a dead pixel, or a few of them.

    The display is still under AppleCare. I was tossing up just calling Apple and shipping it back to them, or taking it down to nearest Apple store which is about 50 minutes away. My gut told me to take it the store.

    When I arrived at the store, the Apple Genius put a grey screen on the display and immediately noticed the pixel(s) of concern without me having to point it out. He agreed that it was very distracting, but said that Apple requires a higher number of dead pixels on a display of that size before they will take it back. (He also made it a point to tell me he couldn't tell me what that number was) I politely explained to him that as a graphic designer, that a black dot in the middle of my screen was going to be an big issue for me. He agreed, and then offered to talk to his manager about it. A few minutes later, he came out, and offered to replace the LCD in the display. He offered no guarantees that it would be better, but then went on to say 'there's a very good chance it will be better'. I checked the display in for repair and I'm waiting for a call form Apple to pick it up again.

    As we were wrapping up, the Apple Genius went on to tell me that on displays of that size, dead pixels are to be expected because the technology in them is still relatively new and not perfected.

    I left the Apple Store with mixed feelings - Disappointed that Apple is okay with a certain amount of dead pixels on a $900 display, yet very grateful to the Apple Genius and his store manager who used common sense to find a solution to my problem, even when they weren't under an obligation to.

    To anyone who has problems with your Apple display, I highly recommend taking a trip to your Apple Store even if it's a fair distance away. Having a face to face dialogue about the problem and explaining your situation will get you a long way towards where you want to go.
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    "Zero Bright Pixels
    Under Dell's Premium Panel Guarantee3, you will receive a replacement UltraSharp monitor should even one bright defective pixel appear on the screen."

    Apple monitors are clearly fail and on the way out like their printers

    Dell, you can input xbox360/ps3 and cable

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    Price actually doesn't matter at all. What matters is the pixel fault class, and almost every display you can buy today (which includes Apple's) are class II
    You can buy a $3000 EIZO display which won't get replaced before it reaches the classes amount of fault pixels.

    And you pay for that guarantee. Of course it's nice that they've got such a type of warranty. I'd like Apple to include that in their protection plans for the displays.

    Saying however that Apple displays are a fail because of pixel fault class II is more than shallow. As I said, you'd have a hard time finding displays with fault class I.

    :eek: I can use a gaming console on a small computer display? Damn, seems as if I constantly buy the wrong displays... :(
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    Note that the Dell guarantee covers bright pixels, while the OP's problem is with dark pixels which Dell doesn't cover.

    That said, defective pixels are pretty rare these days and I wouldn't expect them in any display. I've purchased 4 Dell Ultrasharp monitors, a Dell notebook, and 8 iMacs/Macbooks and have had no defective pixels.

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