Dead Powerbook Questions


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Mar 10, 2005
Playa Del Rey, CA
I have a 12" 1ghz g4 powerbook who has had a dead HD for a long while. It also needs a new battery. I am thinking of fixing it up for either revived use or sale.

It is fully loaded with 1.25 gigs of RAM.
Superdrive too. The HD was an 80, but it clicked out.
Has a replaced Logic Board from Apple (kieled over on me in the second month of use, but worked beautifully since fixed under warranty)
How much is it worth in it's current condition?
How much is it worth if I fix it up with a 60 or 80 GB HD (possibly not a new battery, even though it holds a charge for 12 minutes when full...)

Oh, and where should I start going to search for replacement HDs? Newegg?


Oh, I needed a faster computer, so bought a dual 2 G5 to fill in the gap here at school. Worth every penny, and it was indeed every penny, which is the reason that I didn't get the PB fixed.

Danke again!



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Sep 29, 2006
grizzlybrice said:
My lappy is eligible but the battery is not :(

Totally lame.
what type of HD does the 12" PB take? 2.5" what?

Yup, regular 2.5" IDE drives in those. I'm fairly certain of this, I assume someone can verify.

I've worked in a few 12" PBs, they are exceedingly difficult to replace much inside, though the HD might be one of the easier.


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Nov 7, 2004
I'd fix it up and keep it. The 12" is probably my favourite Apple laptop ever, the perfect mix of performance and size.

I'm not from the US, but most Americans seem to swear by Newegg for things like that. Batteries can be found in quite a few places, but I'd probably go to Apple just in case.