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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by limontee, Feb 22, 2013.

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    Feb 22, 2013
    Hello. I have a full-time deaf housekeeper. No, I'm not rich. My husband is a university president and we live on-campus in a huge house and the university provides me a housekeeper. I am very familiar with deaf people having been an interpreter many years ago and getting my degree in a related field. She has amazing lip-reading skills and is a great communicator. I am trying to find out all I can about how to best support her in this position. The university has ordered her an iPad for her to receive emails to help her coordinate with other departments on campus. I was originally looking for a device that would light up when she had an email. I thought we could set the iPad up in a central part of the house where it would be easy to keep an eye on it. I can find something for the iPhone like this but not for the iPad. After reading a lot of posts I understand that there is no form of visual notification on the iPad, but I am wondering if anyone knows of a device that can be attached to the iPad. I realize her iPhone can be set to vibrate for a message but still hoped to find some visual means of notification for the iPad. Also, does anyone know of a visual thing to tell her when the doorbell rings? My dogs tell her, unless they are with me and don't bother to bark. It's a two-story house. I am also trying to find some sort of alert system for fire alarms and some sort of system that would work with the university weather alert system. They have sirens that are so loud I think she would hear them, but she wouldn't be able to understand what the voice message warning was. For tornadoes we go into the basement (the house has been hit by an F-4 before!) but even if she knew there was a tornado warning and got into the basement, she wouldn't know when the bad weather was over. Of corse if I'm home there's no problem, but I'm concerned for those times when I'm not at hone. I also learned that she has no weather warning system at her home and cannot hear the sirens there! So if anyone has some suggestions or advice for me I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks.
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    there are devices specially made for the deaf. - google

    "assistive devices for the deaf"

    for example

    I have used them and they are reliable. there are all kinds of devices available these days.

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