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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Sossity, Oct 1, 2013.

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    Recently, I was on my Facebook page, and I get a message, then another message from a "friend" who had seemed to push their way into my friends list, I had never clicked on any friend request for them, yet they were on my list, all the while I notice one of my friends that I had properly requested & whom I had seen posts etc from on my news-feed had disappeared, and had been replaced with this unknown "friend". I had tried to look up the old proper friend, but all I got was a practically empty Facebook page with their name, so I am not sure if they have blocked if my hacker had been sending them bad stuff too.

    This friend was being persistent on sending me messages, & chats, but I never clicked on their popups for chats or messages. This time one of their chat or message requests came up with a photo of a woman performing a sex act, this was the 1st time I got this, so I knew there was something bad going on. I looked this up online, & found Facebook directions on how to block friends, and have since changed my Facebook password. I have also gone and changed passwords to my e-mail, banks accounts etc.

    It seems from my research so far that my Facebook account has been hacked. This seems to have happened from spyware, I have ran different spyware apps on my PC, and removed a bunch of bad stuff. I did this because I had noticed my PC had slowed down, and my normal Firefox page had changed with a toolbar etc.

    I don't have a lot of Facebook friends, I keep to people I know, I don't just blindly accept friend requests, and I have very little info about me on my page, I don't have any personal info like my phone number etc visible. I have Facebook because I belong to some groups whom post all their events and happenings on Facebook they use it as their main news board, and this is my only way to keep in touch with them, and others.

    So now I have my passwords changed, have been told that I cannot keep them on any computer, but I have them on a thumb drive, I have so many, that I have created a Microsoft word document to keep them all in a list, it is now about 20 pages long, it would be impossible for me to try and remember all my passwords.

    I have since learned that this is not the best, but I keep them this way so I have them with me should I need them away from home, or in case of a home burnout and loss of everything.

    Is there a better way to handle my passwords? if I use software for managing passwords, I would want something cross platform; mac and windows.
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    I use Lastpass to store and generate secure passwords. I don't even know most of my passwords, they are all secured by a long and random master password, which, when entered, unlocks access to the rest of the stored passwords.
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    I got 1Password as part of a bundle years ago, thinking I wouldn't really use it, and I ended up loving it. Can't recommend it enough.

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