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Apr 12, 2001

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday ended, all of the best AirPods deals quietly disappeared. But Amazon has now brought back the solid $29 markdown on the new AirPods 3 that we saw last week, offering the earbuds for $149.99, down from $179.00.

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This sale is an all-time low price on the AirPods 3, and as of writing it is the only AirPods deal to return after the closure of Black Friday shopping.

We track sales for every model of the AirPods in our Best AirPods Deals guide, so be sure to bookmark that page while you shop around for the wireless headphones.

Article Link: Deals: AirPods 3 Return to Black Friday Price of $149.99 ($29 Off)
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May 13, 2020
The sale prices have been pretty tempting on these. Now if only Apple could release an iPad Pro right before the holidays one of these years. (not going to happen...i know. Just dreaming.)


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Feb 25, 2020
The sale prices have been pretty tempting on these. Now if only Apple could release an iPad Pro right before the holidays one of these years. (not going to happen...i know. Just dreaming.)
Why? You can buy the one they released in May
My stepdaughter tried them, liked the sound, but returned them for a Gen 2 because they kept falling out of her ears.
They look like they would easily fall, I have the pros and even with the tips they fall from time to time


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Oct 29, 2020
Buffalo, NY
Why? You can buy the one they released in May
I think his point seems to be that right now it's late in the iPad Pro's life cycle given that they've been updated in March the last two years so it makes less sense to buy now versus waiting for mid-2022 for the next update.
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May 14, 2007
Northern Virginia
Both my wife and I tried the 3's, and they sounded great, but they would not stay in either of our ears. Back to the 2's for me and Powerbeats Pro for my wife. Apple needs to keep the 2's but improve them (shorter stems, slide volume controls, better battery life, smaller case, done.). For me, silicone tips aren't an option. Also, squeezing stems to control anything is completely pointless. Tapping is FAR superior. If I'm cooking or gardening (or doing anything with my hands, honestly), I can't squeeze stems, but I can tap. IMHO, AirPods 3 are a total fail for anyone who doesn't have gargantuan ear canals and/or who never uses their hands and AirPods simultaneously. YMMV, but I am really disappointed in the 3's.
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Oct 8, 2010
Finally! An AirPod that my ears like and don't increase stuffiness! No problem with falling out. Glad they got away from tapping on them as that just hurt my ears. Easy to squeeze AirPod. I had tried AirPods 2 and Bose ANC headphones - all of them drove my tinnitus nuts and stuffed up my head badly to the point I was constantly swallowing, trying to relieve the pressure, which would at times take 2 days to go away. Scary. These don't do that, thankfully which makes me think it was the noise cancellation. These are definitely not noise cancelling so be aware of that, if that is something you are looking for. Voice calls are heard loudly and clearly on both ends. I like how they just pick up from device to device (iPhone, iPad,iMac, TV). The regular EarPods that come with every iPhone would fall out of my ears all the time - these don't at all. I'm sure for every person it will depend. I bought mine at Costco which gives me 3 months to try them out which is a nice window. Black Friday sale .
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Sep 11, 2014
Boston, MA
I'm getting a pair for Christmas -- I passed the sale info to Santa. I like the AirPods Pro for their ANC, but they're the first AirPods that don't fit well. I was doing light housecleaning on Thanksgiving and one of them fell out multiple times, and it's not the first time. But they're great while sitting perfectly still. I'm hoping I have better luck with these.


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May 17, 2008
I bought a pair to replace my AirPods 1. I was a little worried as my left ear hurt a little when wearing them at first, but has since got use to them. They seem to fit well and I find I don't need to push them into the ears as much as the AirPods 1, they just sit comfortably on the ear. I have had no issues with them falling out when walking and working outdoors. I have to say that they are a worthy replacement, better sound and comfort than the AirPods 1 and also longer battery life, as my old AirPods were not holding their charge as well.


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Apr 30, 2008
Pensacola, FL
I guess I got lucky. I've had a pair for a couple of weeks now and they have been a pretty great fit.

Haven't owned any model of wireless Airpod before (Wired IEMs, Open Back headphones like X2HR's for desktop use) but the older I get the less I tolerate IEMs in my ears (I've had pairs that are uncomfortable and after a little while they can make me nauseous).

These Airpods 3's though seem to stay put well enough without bothering my ears or making me nauseous and the sound is pretty good too. Not quite as good as my X2HR's of course but kind of comparable at least to my ears. Spatial audio isn't super amazing for music but I sampled a few movies last night (Fury, Drive, etc...) and it definitely adds to the experience.

I really hope Apple keeps making non IEM buds (replaceable battery please!) and other companies join in. Other than some poorly reviewed Airpods 2 knock offs as far as I can tell the only other company still making buds like Airpods 3 is the Galaxy Buds Live from Samsung.
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