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Apr 12, 2001

AirPods Max have returned to $449.00 in all colors on Amazon, down from $549.00. All models are in stock and ready to ship out today, but the Silver model's stock is beginning to run out as of writing.

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We haven't seen every color of the AirPods Max drop to $449.00 since early February. In comparison to previous discounts, this is the second-best Amazon price we've ever tracked on the AirPods Max.

AirPods Max feature Active Noise Cancellation technology and the same Transparency mode, Adaptive EQ, and spatial audio features that are in the AirPods Pro. For charging, the headphones come with a Smart Case made out of a soft material that puts AirPods Max in an ultra low-power state to preserve battery charge when not in use.

We track sales for every model of the AirPods in our Best AirPods Deals guide, so be sure to bookmark that page while you shop around for the wireless headphones.

Article Link: Deals: AirPods Max on Sale for $449 in Every Color ($100 Off)


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Feb 6, 2009
I have twice tried to fall in love with them but ultimately found them less comfortable than my Sony XM3s with no discernible difference in sound quality. The biggest downside of the Sony’s is lack of multipoint, which I guess the XM4s added. But the Sony’s also pack up so compactly. So despite my fandom for all things Apple, I just could not justify them.


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Jan 15, 2015
AirPods Max is not only BlueTooth. You can use the lightning to 3.5mm cord with a dongle and listen to lossless. Spatial audio doe not work when the cord is used.
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Aug 17, 2007
Seattle, WA
I'm interested, but I want to see what Apple brings to the table with AirPods Pro 2 as I expect that will find it's way into an AirPods Max 2 and these are headphones I would keep "forever".
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Aug 6, 2008
For me they are too big. I wish they could slim down and make it less...bulbous. Probably the same way I feel about Apple Watch.


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Sep 11, 2006
Sacramento, CA USA
It’s too expensive, should be $250. I agree the sound quality is amazing and immersive. But can’t spend that kinda money on headphones. The fact that Apple hasn’t revised them yet suggest they might be going back to the drawing board like they did with Homepod.
You mean US$349 at most. The original US$549 price was just way too rich for many people--that's in high-end European-brand headphone territory.


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Nov 1, 2014
I don't understand why they didn't use a long press on the ANC button to turn them off. The standby time is ridiculously short without a dedicated off feature. At $550, a 3.5mm cable isn't even included and even then, you can't charge and listen via the cable at the same time. No EQ settings. It's no wonder retailers keep discounting them.

Given all the other Apple products I have (Macs, iPhones, watch, iPad), I would have loved to pick these up but there are too many drawbacks, just like the original Home Pods. Just a poorly developed product IMO.

In comparison, the Sony WH-1000XM4 are just better in every way. They have an on/off button. You can listen to them and charge at the same time. A 3.5mm cable is included in the box. Plastic makes them incredibly light. EQ in the Sony app. It's a no-brainer.

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Mar 29, 2019
Got mine at $479 and was surprised to find that I was really happy with them. They are a bit heavy and took some getting used to comfort wise. But, they absolutely sound better than the QC35ii I own and the NC700 I tried.

It looks at $449 they’re $170 over the current sales price of the QC45 (I don’t have experience with the Sonys or I’d use that as a benchmark). To me they’re worth that much more for a few reasons:
  1. The build & materials. These are just solid. They look much more expensive. Nice and worth some money. I didn’t think I’d care about this til I had them in hand, and then I said, wow, these are niiice.
  2. Sound quality definitely better, more detailed although I do find vocals slightly veiled in comparison.
  3. I *like* that they don’t fold up. Multi-axis folding leads to a more fiddly feeling pair of headphones. Sure the Bose and Sony fold up smaller but they’re still bulky folded. I’m still inclined to use my AirPods Pro when traveling.
  4. Spatial audio is a definite nice to have. I rarely use it for music, but I do like it for video.
  5. I enjoy that there’s no power button. One less thing for which to manage (and forget) state. They have plenty of battery life. I will admit I haven’t put them away for a long while and then picked them up again - perhaps in that case of infrequent use one would want a power button. But this in itself is testament to how good I find the APM to be.
They are noticeably better than my other means of listening to music (Sonos One system, AirPods Pro) and I find myself using them way more than I expected to. Transparency mode helps with that too since I can wear them while doing chores in which I still want some environmental awareness.


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Feb 17, 2010
I love mine, wear them from when I start work in the morning till after my work in the evening.

I wish the auto pairing to Mac worked more seamlessly but I’ve just written a bit of AppleScript to pair and unpair them.

Would be tough to give them up, almost the perfect pair of headphones for me.


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Oct 14, 2020
They are great, got my first set at retail, Can’t get at retail where I’m at forget sale. $750 here lol
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Oct 20, 2007
Absolutely love mine. Fantastic around the house headphones, wouldn’t be without them, use them constantly throughout the day. They switch perfectly between iPad and iPhone. Awesome with Apple TV also.

Initially didn’t like the inability to turn them off, but I’m totally in favour now. Just pick them up and use them, no messing. Charge them maybe every 4 days or so. Happily pay for a replacement battery in a few years, assuming I don’t buy their successors. Don’t care much for lossless, my ears don’t notice the difference beyond 320kbps.

Use XM4’s for work/travel. They’re much better suited to on the go use.


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Aug 31, 2003
Wherever my feet take me…
Still not interested. I'll wait for the new version with USB Type C charging connectors and possibly a new wireless chip for way better wireless sound quality.
Will wait for true lossless WiFi connectivity
AirPods Max is not only BlueTooth. You can use the lightning to 3.5mm cord with a dongle and listen to lossless. Spatial audio doe not work when the cord is used.
The DAC in the cable (yes, there is a tiny one) does not support lossless.
Yeah, until there's either wifi or true usb-c functionality, meaning Spatial Audio & full high-def lossless at the same time, I'll pass. Maybe I'm just picky, but it sucks how Apple provides both features in its music, but don't provide any headphones that support both at the same time.
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