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Apr 12, 2001

New deals today include a pair of iPad offers, centering on the 2020 models of the 10.2-inch iPad and iPad Air. Prices start at $299.00 for the 32GB Wi-Fi iPad and $559.00 for the 64GB Wi-Fi iPad Air, and all of the sales can be found on Amazon.


First off, the 32GB Wi-Fi 10.2-inch iPad is on sale for $299.00 today at Amazon, down from $329.00. Only the Gold color option is available to ship out today at this price, with the Space Gray color delayed until April.

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Apple introduced the eighth-generation iPad in September 2020 as an iterative update to the previous low-cost iPad, but with an upgraded A12 Bionic processor with Neural Engine. This version of the iPad supports Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, and includes Touch ID.

This isn't quite the best price we've ever tracked on this version of the iPad, but it is among the first sales we've tracked in 2021, with discounts being rare after the holidays. For more storage, you can get the 128GB Wi-Fi iPad for $399.99, down from $429.00.

iPad Air

You can also get the 256GB Wi-Fi iPad Air for $679.99 at Amazon, down from $749.00. This marks a new lowest-ever price on this model of the 2020 iPad Air, with previous sales hitting at around $699 for the tablet. It's available in all colors, but only Sky Blue has a 1-2 day shipping estimate.


The new iPad Air launched in October 2020 with a 10.9-inch edge-to-edge display and a design that's similar to the iPad Pro with an aluminum chassis that features flat, rounded edges that wrap around the fully-laminated display. The iPad Air does not feature Face ID and relies solely on Touch ID for biometric authentication purposes.

Amazon also has the 64GB Wi-Fi iPad Air at $559.00, down from $599.00. This sale is available in all colors. While it's not a lowest-ever price, it is among the best available online right now.

For even more iPad deals, head to our full Best Deals guide for iPad. In that guide we track the best discounts online for iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

Article Link: Deals: Get Apple's 10.2-Inch iPad for $299 ($30 Off) and iPad Air for $679.99 ($69 Off) in Latest Sales
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Mar 9, 2016
Do they really need a sale on the 8th Gen iPad? Apple are still struggling to make them fast enough, so don't need to drive up sales.

We ordered 260 8th Gen's back on November, they came at the beginning of March. We have just ordered another 350 and been advised it will likely be a couple of months before we see them, and even if i go to direct and put an iPad in my basket it advises me 17th April as delivery date.
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