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Apr 12, 2001

We're tracking a few iPad Pro and iPad Air deals today, including up to $150 off the 2020 iPad Pro and up to $50 off the 2020 iPad Air. Prices on the iPad Pro start at $849.00 for the 256GB Wi-Fi model of the 11-inch iPad Pro, which is down from the original price of $899.00.

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In regards to the iPad Air, you can get the 64GB Wi-Fi model for $559.99, down from $599.00, but there will be shipping delays. Currently, Amazon is estimating the blue iPad Air to be in stock on January 22, but you can lock in the sale price today ahead of the shipping date.

11-Inch iPad Pro

  • Wi-Fi 256GB - $849.00 at Amazon ($50 off)
  • Cellular 512GB - $1,186.55 with on-page coupon at Amazon ($60 off)
12.9-Inch iPad Pro

  • Wi-Fi 128GB - $949.00 at Amazon ($50 off)
  • Wi-Fi 1TB - $1,424.05 with on-page coupon at Amazon ($75 off)
  • Cellular 512GB - $1,349.00 at Amazon ($100 off)
iPad Air

  • Wi-Fi 64GB - $559.99 Amazon ($40 off)
  • Wi-Fi 256GB - $699.00 at Amazon ($50 off)
For even more iPad deals, head to our full Best Deals guide for iPad. In that guide we track the best discounts online for iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

Article Link: Deals: Get Up to $150 Off iPad Pro and Up to $50 Off iPad Air in New Sales


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Jul 11, 2015
Apple should use the neural engine to somehow figure out a way to determine if the user is interacting with the display or just grabbing it to move it around. With bezels becoming extinct, I always find myself precariously grabbing my iPhone and iPad by the edges because otherwise the OS thinks I am trying to do something. Which reminds me of a Mac utility that was able to detect when a cat was pawing a keyboard and ignore it. I can't remember what it was called but it was pretty cool.
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Jun 2, 2008
Ready to upgrade to an Air 4 from my Air 2 (64GB) but really torn if i can squeeze by with getting 64GB again. Really wish 128GB was an option as that would be perfect. Mostly I just watch shows (download for trips) and then I do some basic video editing (which I will now being my 12 pro to record 4K clips). The 4K footage worries me with only 64GB but also would like to save money where I can. Anyone have any thoughts haha?


Sep 21, 2012
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Pretty good deals for a change.

When I got my 2020 iPad Pro (cellular) last June, I believe I got it for $75 off from Amazon. The cellular version sure makes difference, versus tethering. It is worth it to me to pay the $20 a month to T-Mobile for unlimited iPad data.


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Sep 14, 2012
Wife and I decided to take advantage of the $50 off the ipad air 256GB and finally replace our almost 5 year old ipad air 2. Looking forward to seeing a big speed boost as we use our current ipads way more than our phones.
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