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Apr 12, 2001

If you're perhaps looking for an accessory to go with a new holiday gift, a couple of Apple's more popular ones have received price cuts today to the lowest levels we've ever seen in our tracking.


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Apple Pencil 2

While we saw the Apple Pencil 2 drop to as low as $104.99 for My Best Buy members ahead of the holidays, the iPad Pro accessory has hit a new low of $99.00 at both Amazon and Best Buy, a roughly 25 percent discount from its regular $129.00 price.

The Apple Pencil 2 works with Apple's latest iPad Pro models introduced in 2018, including the new 11-inch size and the third-generation 12.9-inch model. It magnetically attaches to the side of the iPad Pro, charges wirelessly, and supports customizable double-tap gestures such as switching between drawing tools and bringing up a color palette.

AirPods Wireless Charging Case

Amazon has also discounted the AirPods Wireless Charging Case to just $46.33, an over 40 percent discount compared to the regular price of $79.00. Compatible with both the first- and second-generation AirPods, the standalone case accessory lets you upgrade from the standard case that charges only over a wired Lightning connection to one that also charges wirelessly via a Qi charging mat.

Article Link: Deals: Lowest-Ever Prices on Apple Pencil 2 and AirPods Wireless Charging Case


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Jan 20, 2012
I do not see the Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods for sale on Amazon US...


Oct 19, 2014
Phoenix. AZ
My left ear pod didn’t work anymore, glad to snag a gen 2 AirPods for 150 included taxes :)
I do not see the Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods for sale on Amazon US...
I do


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Feb 12, 2008
New York, NY
Is there anyone out there who buys just the wireless charging case? To upgrade your first generation airpods? I still have my first generation but the battery gets weak fast, so I don’t see the appeal. And for those who bought the standard AirPods 2, do you really need to add the wireless feature? I find myself rarely using the wireless charging feature at all. A few minutes connected to lightning every other day is all I really need. I feel like wireless charging is a feature that never reached its full value once Apple cancelled AirPower, to the point that they delayed AirPods 2 for a while to let it finish, but in the end we’re left with a stand-alone charging case that’s kind of a moot product.
I just want to understand the point of view of the customers Apple is now targeting with the standalone wireless charging case.


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Mar 19, 2014
I just picked up a pair of AirPods for use at home...I also picked up a Baseus wireless charging case for $10, and it works perfect. It's a shame MacRumors won't review this hardware.

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