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Apr 12, 2001

Popular Apple accessory makers Anker and Aukey have a new set of discounts on Amazon this week, with notable savings on everything from USB-C cables to portable battery packs and Bluetooth speakers. Some of the sales have had their discounts automatically applied, while others do still require a discount code, all of which you can find below.

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

As a note, in this week's sales Aukey is debuting its new combination USB-C Hub with Wireless Charger, which can wirelessly charge an iPhone while providing access to four other ports including USB-A and USB-C ports. The accessory can also connect directly to new USB-C enabled MacBook Pro models, and with pass-through USB-C charging you can charge the laptop while using the mat's other functions.

[*]SoundBuds Slim - $21.99, down from $25.99 (exp. 9/9)
[*]Soundcore Space Noice Cancelling Headphones - $74.99, down from $99.00 (exp. 9/9)
[*]Powercore Elite 20,000 mAh - $41.98, down from $55.99 (exp. 9/16)
[*]Powercore 15,000 mAh Redux - $31.99, down from $39.99 (exp. 9/16)
[*]PowerWave Pad - $12.79, down from $15.99 (exp. 9/16)
[*]PowerWave+ Pad with Watch Holder - $47.99 with code VPRD2570, down from $59.99 (exp. 9/30)
[*]PowerDrive Speed 2 Car Charger - $13.59, down from $17.99 (exp. 9/16)
[*]30W USB-C Wall Charger - $21.89, down from $32.99 (exp. 9/16)
[*]USB-C Hub with Wireless Charger - $39.99 with code W3WU6HU2, down from $49.99
[*]27W USB-C Wall Charger - $11.87 with code DSF35JHM, down from $21.99
[*]USB-C to USB-A Cable - $11.89 with code AOSG2OHV, down from $16.99
[*]USB-C to USB-C Cable - $6.99 with code OEM5F4ZY, down from $9.99
[*]USB-C to USB-A Short Cable - $6.99 with code KGYQYVK5, down from $9.99
[*]USB-C to Lightning Cable - $14.93 with code HQVXZZBO, down from $16.99
[*]Radius Bluetooth Home Speaker - $18.40 with code OUKH5KX2, down from $45.99
[*]iPhone/iPad Aluminum Stand - $9.99 with code MSSWUNAS, down from $19.99 Head to our full Deals Roundup for a deeper look at all of the best Apple-related sales going on this week.

Article Link: Deals: Save on Anker and Aukey's Best Accessories, Including Aukey's New USB-C Hub + Wireless Charger


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Jan 4, 2014
Bought my son a pair of Anker headphones whilst on vacation in Florida a few weeks back.

Good value.
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