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Apr 12, 2001

Today we're tracking a selection of Anker discounts on Amazon, with notable discounts on USB-C cables, MagSafe-compatible chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Many of these discounts will only run this week, so if you're interested be sure to place an order soon.

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Most of these deals require you to clip an on-page coupon in order to see the discounts at the checkout screen. There are multiple types of products on sale this time around, including Anker's SmartTrack line of Bluetooth trackers with 2-Pack and 4-Pack options for non-Prime members. If you're a Prime member, you can get a 1-Pack for $13.99 and a SmartTrack Card for $16.99.

Another notable discount this time around is on the PowerHouse 757 Portable Power Station, which is available for $949.99, down from $1,399.00. This is a big markdown on one of Anker's popular portable power stations, and this one features a 1229Wh capacity and 1500 wattage, with six AC outlets, four USB-A ports, and two USB-C ports.

Bluetooth Trackers


Cables and Wall Chargers


Portable Batteries
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Article Link: Deals: Save on Anker's Best USB-C Accessories, Portable Batteries, Bluetooth Speakers, and More on Amazon
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Jun 27, 2007
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I just picked up a bunch of their Bio Nylon USB-C and USB-C to Lightning cables for all of the charging ports in my new Telluride SX X-Pro and they are very high quality and match the black interior perfectly with both being more of a really dark gray. Worked well fast charging iPads in the back and they came with an easy to use cable tie when not in use.
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