Deals Spotlight: Anker's Gold Box Sale Has Savings on Power Banks, Wireless Chargers, and More

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    One of today's Gold Box deals on Amazon includes ten Anker accessories that make perfect companions to Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. The Gold Box includes discounts on Anker's portable battery packs, USB-C wall chargers, wireless chargers, and more.

    Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

    Shoppers should note that this sale will last one day only, May 13, and each discount will expire later tonight. You can find all of the accessories on sale in the list below, and be sure to head to Amazon soon to place your order if you're interested in any of the items.

    Anker's Gold Box Sale

    Power Banks
    [*]PowerCore II 10,000 mAh Slim Power Bank - $25.99, down from $35.99
    [*]PowerCore 15,600 mAh Power Bank - $27.19, down from $39.99
    [*]PowerCore Speed 20,000 mAh Power Bank - $41.99, down from $59.99
    [*]Powerline Micro USB Cable (3ft, 3-Pack) - $7.69, down from $10.99
    [*]Powerline+ II USB-C to USB-A Cable (6ft, Red) - $9.50, down from $14.99
    [*]Powerline Lightning Cable (6ft, 2-pack) - $14.99, down from $19.99
    Wall Chargers
    [*]USB-C 2-Port 30W Wall Charger - $19.49, down from $27.99
    [*]USB-C 5-Port 60W Wall Charger - $34.99, down from $49.99
    Wireless Chargers
    [*]PowerPort Wireless Charger - $12.99, down from $17.99
    [*]Wireless Stand Charger - $16.39, down from $21.99 Our full Deals Roundup has even more information on the latest discounts and bargains happening this week.

    Article Link: Deals Spotlight: Anker's Gold Box Sale Has Savings on Power Banks, Wireless Chargers, and More
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    I was thinking the same. Whenever I feel that I need some Anker product, I just wait a few minutes for a sale to post.
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    They do have a lot of sales, but they rotate through different products.
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    They also have the Nylon USB-C to Lightning on sale right now. Use code Anker652 for 20% off.

    I so want this but am waiting for the 6 foot one.

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