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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tl01, Sep 28, 2014.

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    Jun 20, 2010
    I need help deciding which is our better deal. Currently, we have a 5 lines with three on unlimited data and two with 3 mb of data each plus unlimited texting. Our old bills used to be about $350. Right now it is about $270 bc we are using up our roll over minutes. We have like 16,000 saved up.

    I would love to do the 40 gb but am trying to decide if it will really make sense. We don't need that much data right away but it sounds like we won't be able to change once October 31st rolls around. Separately... I pay $40 a month for 4 gb of data on my Verizon iPad. I have that iPad for tethering... I could just apply that and get a whole lot more data with Att and tether there...

    We would have to add in the monthly cost of doing the next plan and everyone on my account seems to panic when we consider that. We also get a fan discount of 20 percent I believe right now.
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    Consider your subsidy is $18.75/mo ($450 / 24 months) per device. Think of it this way:

    MSVP 20/40GB: $150
    Line Fee: $15 * 5 = $75
    Total Service Cost: $225

    Total Bill: $270
    Subsidy: $18.75 * 5 = $93.75
    Total Service Cost: $176.25

    Adding the cost for your iPad plan, that's $216.25 for service.

    I didn't include your FAN discount in the MSVP calculations. I'm assuming the $270 you quoted is for total bill with taxes and in my experience, taxes and fees are usually 15-20% so that pretty much cancels out FAN discount. Consider though that you're only getting ~20GB in high speed data right now. MSVP 15/30GB gives you 10GB more LTE data and service cost is $205/mo.
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    Jun 20, 2010
    Thanks for breaking it down that way. I was sort of trying to figure out what the subsidy cost is. I have one of the unlimited lines and use about 5gb every month... I use more data than anyone in the group so for me it would be a way to get more lte data;). Decisions decisons....

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